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Supporting our customers, season after season.

At AMA Charalambous Ltd, after sales is never an afterthought.

We take great pride in providing the complete range of after-sales parts and support services that keep our customers’ equipment in peak working order.
Our Spare Parts network facilities provide customers with the parts they need, when they need them. We carry the complete line of Original Genuine Spare Parts from our suppliers and use the latest tools and equipment for performing diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Together with our suppliers, we make routine maintenance convenient, with flexible scheduling, early delivery and service in the fields and farms.
We cover the whole of Cyprus and support all customers who own and operate equipment of our brands.

  • Sales Department
    A.M.A Charalambous Ltd understand that the wide range of needs of customers go beyond the product.
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  • Technical Support Department
    A machine out of order directly translates to reduced productivity and high operating costs. Rest assured that our Technical Support Department is here to help either during an emergency or for routine maintenance.
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  • Spare Parts Department
    Hight availability and fast delivery of Genuine Spare Parts.
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  • Education
    Whatever help you need in your daily work, contact us to find the best solution for you.
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